Transition Year.

Transition Year…..People say TY is a waste of a year, it’s no good and they say not to do transition year. Is this true? Is it really a waste of time?The answer is No. I can now tell you that after doing transition year, it was absolutely a brilliant year.  Most definitely worth while.

You only get out of transition year what you put into it. If you do nothing at all then you more than like won’t enjoy it. You will be bored and being bored is no fun. I got stuck in and tried everything. I got involved in So many things. I went to Dublin, Belfast, Barcelona and many places more.  I got involved with the local community and did a subject called Y.S.I. (Young Social Innovators). I am a member of the Meitheal team. We work with the first years throughout the year to make sure they feel comfortable in the school and if they were to find any problems or wanted us to organize it we will do our best try try. We organize events for them throughout the year such as no uniform days or Halloween parties etc.

I got involved and stuck in and I am glad I did. I am more confident, I am happy, and made loads of new friends. So in my opinion yes, TY is worth while, But only if you are willing to work. Remember the more you put into it the more you get out of it.


Talk soon, Me.


I’m going to Italy :)

Hey there,

I’m on my easter holidays now and I’m so excited because I’m going to Italy for the first time. It’s my granddads birthday so we decided for the whole family to go to Italy for a treat. I have bought loads of nice clothes. On the day we fly out it will be my Dads birthday and then the next day it will be my Mums birthday which will be really nice. I hope that the weather is nice but if it isn’t I really don’t mind. When I come back I will definitely write about all the things I  do there. Going to go now. Blog again soon. 🙂

Finally….done……for now…

So exams are finished and so far so good.I got two B’s one C and two D’s which I am completely happy with.They say you would normally get a 10% bounce in your actual exam from your mock exams.I know I am going to do well in my junior cert because I know what I need to do and I can do it.Wait ing at the moment for the rest of the results which will take a while so I just have to be patient…(I’m not very good at being patient).

Next year I hope to get into Transition year. There are so many different subjects I have never done before that sound good from what I hear.So I’m looking forward to hopefully getting into transition year.

I’ve got to go now but I will blog again soon…..Bye for now!!

The exams begin………………

Hello to all my readers. I’m back, I’m blogging. So I had my first Pre exam today. It was business studies, paper 2, on accounting. The rest of my Pre exams are after the mid-term so I have an extra week and a bit to study.

This morning before the exams I was like a bundle of nerves. I was like ‘Am I going to be able to do the questions? Will I finish in time? Have I got all the equipment I need?’ and the list goes on. I get to school and my friends are the same.

When we get into the room, I sat in my seat, looked at the clock, got my test. I took a deep breath, read all the questions and all I had to do was answer 4 questions out of 6. I immediately think ‘What on earth was I worrying about’.I knew most of the stuff.I chose the questions I wanted to do.Then begun.

I can honestly say ‘I tried my best and I think I did well, even though I made a few mistakes and got stuck on  some parts of the questions  but I still attempted them.

All I can say is study hard and you’ll do fine. Always do your best. Have goals and aims  and surely but slowly you’ll get there.

The New Year is here.

Well…..Christmas is gone, the new year is here and what a year it will be. Despite the recession I think that 2011 was a pretty good year. It may have been hard but we got through it. 2012 is going to be rocking. There are the Olympics in London, we have an extra day this year as it is a leap year and I’m hopeful that there will be plenty of surprises. I’m so excited as I’m going to Italy in April in my Easter holidays. One thing I’m not looking forward to my exams. I’m doing my junior cert but I’m not going to worry as I’m going to take baby steps and maybe just maybe I will ace these tests.That’s  it for now……check out my other blogs too.   😀



I’m in third year doing my junior cert. I just did a week of exams of general assessments just to see how we are doing in general.Im doing honours in everything apart from maths and  so far I have gotten three D’s in subjects that I would normally be getting A’s and B’s  in those subjects. But I’m ok with that because I know that I will be able to learn from where I went wrong and do better at christmas. It’s also given me a wake up call that I can’t always get good grades, that I will have ups and downs and so will everyone else.When I saw those grades on my papers I was so disappointed and upset that I was going down. But I said ‘no’ this is just me not studying hard enough and I need to knuckle down, study hard and get the grades I would prefer to have.But of course I can’t spend my time in my room studying, I will take breaks, go to the duck pond with my family etc but studying is important and it does work.

Everyone has different ways of learning and studying. I find that bullet points and colourful mind maps help.If you know the stuff you need to know, but sometimes you find it difficult to put it down on paper in exams like I do, then I would definitely recommend trying the colourful mind maps and bullet points using key words and short sentences.There are lots of different ways to help you study, ask your parents to test you on your  knowledge you have and what you need to know, also don’t forget to talk to your friends  and ask them how do they study,  and ask your family  how they studied.

Next September when all of my year  get called out, when I’m handed that envelope with my results I hope to see all honours A’s, B’s, C’s.That is my aim.

We had a bake sale…

We had a bake sale on Thursday the 20th of October in aid of Friends Of Londiani. It was for my CSPE Junior Certificate project. My friend and I came up with the idea to raise funds for Friends of Londiani. In CSPE we must cover 7 Topics,  Basic Human Rights is what we have been studying and we though of Friends of Londiani. We had a Bake Sale so we could raise awareness and hopefully a bit of money to go towards building schools, medical centres and much more to make it a better, safe, happy place for the people to live. We raised around €113. We made lots of different cakes…

It was a fantastic success, the Cup Cakes sold out in first break and all the others were gone by the end of lunch.

Friends of Londiani

Friends of Londiani is a charity for building schools, hospitals/medical facilities and giving clean water,food,clothes a town in Africa called Londiani near Kenya. Girls in there local communities will go to afternoon/evening activities like a club called guides. Next year guides from all over the country and across Europe will be meeting up in Roscommon for one week doing different activities and camping. It’s a brilliant charity wich gives great opportunities to children and adults to live better and longer lives. That’s all from me for the moment.